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Audacity Generator so you can live your full potential!

Hi, I am Gael ! My purpose is to be Inspiring, enjoy love and do have faith in life for myself and others.

My Story

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« Boldness Generator ».

My Values and Beliefs

This is not our past that shape our future

We have the power to choose how to live our own lives. No matter what happen to us in the past. 

"The quality of our relation determine the quality of our lives" Tony Robbins

How you treat others will determine how you will be treated. So be kind, there is always a way to do so. 

Every single person has a Genius within

Think about all the things that need to happen for us to be born. In itself it is a miracle. We all have this spark inside ourself, we just need to reconnect to it. 

My Way

With 20 years of experience in different area as banking, selling, counselling, training, IT and others. I have a good view on your real problem. I have been on the same place. What make me different, is that I have been at the same place as you. I was average in school, always learnt from job, with this strong will to be better and make a difference in the world. Until I found a JOB in a bank. I had almost everything you could want, a house, a good car, a wife… But I was not fulfilled. I was not happy. I burnt myself in a job I did not like every single day during ten years. At the end, I lost everything, all my life fall down like a House of cards. And then I realised that was not what I planned, that was not me. So I Step up, I get trained in NLP, Hypnosis and other tools like Clean Language or Human Element to help people avoiding those traps I have been in.

As I have always been a man of action, I like quick results, and I want the same for my clients. I want them to change mindset rapidly so they can change their lives quicker. 

Featured Publications

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