Have you ever wondered 🤔 if you needed a “Life Coach” in your Life?

It’s a general question ❓, I got it all the time: Do you think 🤔 I need a Life Coach? 

Let’s be genuine here – you do not ✋ “need” a life coach to manage your Life. 
Haven’t you survived alone so far? Of course, you have.

You have overcome the most significant challenges 🧗🏻‍♀️ you had in your Life so far. 

If you think of it, your challenges had also become your most significant success 🍾 in your Life. 
Whatever there were, you survived 💪, and managed to move forward ▶️, right? 
Of course, you did – If not, you would not be reading this. 

Also, it is often said 🗣 among most Life Coaches 👥 : 

  • ”All The Resources Are Within 🔄 You”. 
  • “There is no magic ✨ pill 💊 , and you must be patient ✋ to get what you want”.
  • “We overestimate what we can do in one ☝️ year and underestimated what we can do in a decade 🖐🏻🤚🏻” 

    So if you survived your biggest challenges, all the resources are within you, and you have to be patient; you might wonder : 

Why 🤔 Would I Need A Life Coach For: This is exactly what I had already done all my life without spending $5.000 💵💵.

Let’s put this question on hold for a second, would you? 

Let me share a story with you. 

On a small pacific Island 🌴, there were two ✌🏻boys 👦🏻. They were cousins. Both of them were passionate about Windsurfing 🏄‍♂️. 

The older 🧔 one ☝️ was less lucky 🍀 than the other one, so he learnt on his own. Every single weekend, he went to the beach with his gear and tried to windsurf. He spent years, learning the essential tools. Falling, doing it again. If you have ever tried doing windsurfing, you know the pain. He never let go, each weekend he went to a beach, even when there was no wind and try to windsurf. Spent most of his time in the water 💦, instead of the board 🏄‍♂️. 
After a few months/years 📆 , he finally managed to be able to jump on the board and stay on the board. 
A few months/years 📆 more, and he was able to hook his harness, put his feet 🦶 in the straps and get to planning (When the board go very fast on the water.). 
He faced all his challenges, manage to overcome it, and finally get to windsurf after few years.

The youngest 👦🏻 one ☝️ was luckier �. His mum offered him some windsurf lesson in the best windsurf school 👨‍🏫 on the island 🌴. That was a significant investment at the time ⏰ , as his mum 👱🏼‍♀️was a single ☝️ mum. It was a week of windsurfing training. 

Our young boy got there the first day, with all his bath suit, thinking 💭 he would spend the day 🌞 in the water 🌊 as his cousin did. 
But no, instead, the first ☝️ day was spent in the classroom 👨‍🏫 with the trainer explaining the history of windsurfing how the wind 💨 is formed, how to read 📖 a forecast map 🗺 and that sort of things. 

The second ✌🏻day, the same movie 🎥, our young boy 👦🏻 came with all his stuff to go in the water 💦, still thinking 🤔 this time he would go into the sea 💦. 
But no, instead, the second day was spent on the ground, with a training board (basically a board on a wheel) and a very little sail ⛵️. The trainer shows them all the moves they will have to do, and each, in turn, they did it until they mastered each step. Still not in the water 💦. 

The third 3️⃣ day, again, our young boy 👦🏻 brought his bathing suit, thinking 🤔 this time they will get in the water. 
But, again, NO, instead, the trainer, taught them how to manager their gears (Board, sails, harness) and how to move it with the wind 💨 to take care of it.
Still not (entirely) in the water 💦 (only to the knee). 

The Fourth 4️⃣ day, again, our young boy 👦🏻 brought his bathing suit, thinking 💭 this time they will get in the water. 
And guess what….. Of course, this time, they get into the water 💦. 
And surprisingly or not, they all manage to jump on the board 🏄‍♂️ and stay on it. After a few meters, the rule was to make the move they had learnt on the ground to turn ↩️ and come back. Our young boy 👦🏻 was PUMPED. He was windsurfing !!!! Did he fall? Of course, many times.

The fifth 5️⃣ days, this time, our young boy was over-excited 😜. This was the day, they did all they have learnt so far, plus the coach asked them to try to hook and put their feet 🦶 in the straps. After a few attempted, the young boy managed to hook, put his feet in straps and start planning. 
Did he fall? Of course, many times. 

The two days left were dedicated for practising.

Since then, both of our Boys 👦🏻 have windsurfed together. Mostly every day and every weekend they were on the water. They even invested and tried the local championship. They both improved together and got better and better. 
Until the youngest one ☝️ left their Island 🌴 to settle in Australia. 

Let me ask you: Which One Of Those Boys 👦🏻 Would You Have Preferred To Be?

Let me guess, the first one, the one ☝️ who spent years to learn. Right? I bet no. 

Now, what do you think 💭 =Do You Need A Life Coach In Your Life? 

My answer is: No, you DO not NEED a coach. If you have one, it is because you have CHOSEN to have one. 
If you get a coach, it is because you want to go faster where you have decided to go. 

You want someone who believes in you more than anyone else, even more than yourself. 
You want someone who does not judge you and allow you to be yourself in your whole vulnerability.
You want someone with enough humility to say he doesn’t know and want to figure out with you.

To have a coach is a matter of ** CHOICE **, not need.

The only question is: How Fast Do You Want To Go In Your Life? 

With All My Love 😍, Gaël. 

PS: This post is dedicated to my Dear Friend Toni and My Cousin Steeve. 

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