Because of our education, being rich is often poorly perceived. And yet, money is only an energy fluid. Let’s look at the 6 key steps Napoleon Hill reported to make you rich:

1. Set the exact amount of money you want to earn;

Without a fixed goal, it’s like driving a car without really knowing where you want to go. Defining the exact amount of what you want to earn is setting a destination. It’s not enough to say you want more money. By receiving a dollar you would have achieved your goal. It’s like wanting to lose weight, as soon as you lose the first grams, your goal will be reached. Is that what you want? No, of course not. So set now the amount of money you want to get. Don’t put brakes on yourself, set exactly how much money you want. Think as if everything were possible, how much would you like to have? One dollar, one thousand dollars, one million dollars 💵. Let yourself go by evading your old beliefs (see my article on beliefs).

2. Know exactly what you are going to give in exchanges;

Because we have nothing for nothing. The universe functions on a principle of balance. And that money is nothing more or less than an energy fluid in this universe. So, to receive money, you need to know exactly what you will be willing to give to get it. The counterpart must be in line with what you want to achieve. Of course, the bigger you want to get, the more you have to give. That’s the way it is. And one of the things you can exchange is your time.
What are you willing to give to get this money?

3. Precisely set the date on which you want to be in possession of this money;

Without a date, it’s a dream. It’s a fantasy. Setting a date to get it is the difference that will make you get it or not 🙅♀. Because if you don’t set dates, it will stay in your mind as an “idea”. And to date, have you implemented all your ideas 💡? No, of course not. Because you haven’t set a date for each one. So from now on, set yourself a date on which you want to have this money 💰. Unconsciously you will build the neural networks that will push you to put things in place and allow you to get it.

4. Establish the plan that will get you what you want and start immediately;

You now know how much money you want to get, you know what you are willing to give to get it and you know when you want it. Is that enough to make you rich? Of course non🙅🏻♂♂ . Now you’re going to make a plan. A strategic plan to get you that money.

Most of us are sure-evaluate what we are able to accomplish in one year and underestimate what we would be able to accomplish in 10 years. And quickly, we feel overwhelmed and give up. Are you one of those who give up? Obviously not 🙅🏻♂♂.

So, for that, have a clear vision of your plan. Be inspired by those who have already done the same thing as you. Use the method of fragmentation (Chunking see article). Break down your plan into small, easy-to-do tasks. The easier it is to perform your tasks, the better you will be able to do them. Remember this:

“Complexity is the mother of procrastination.

“Complexity is the mother of procrastination.

If you have a complex task to perform, will you be enthusiastic about doing it? Obviously not 🙅🏻♂♂. Simplify as much as possible to keep your motivation intact. (See Article on Kaizen). Finally, have someone accompany you. Neutral support of your situation will allow you to progress much faster. And avoid the advice of friends and family who are often too emotionally involved to be really useful to you.

5. Write clearly on paper the amount you want to acquire, the time frame you have set for yourself, what you intend to give in return and the plan;

Finally, so that all this doesn’t just remain a vague fantasy reflected on the corner of the desk. Put it all in writing. Write clearly on paper 📝la the amount of money you want to acquire, the deadline you have set for yourself to acquire this amount of money.

It is best to set a date (e. g. 13 September 2019). What you intend to give in exchange and finally your plan with the different steps. You can also complete this with a vision board (see article vision board).

The important thing is that all this doesn’t just stay in your head. Putting it in writing is like contracting with yourself to do everything you can to get that money. Are you the kind of person who doesn’t honour your contracts? Of course not 🙅♀. So by putting all this in writing, you will make a commitment with yourself to honour this contract.

6. Read your objectives aloud twice a day. It is essential to see yourself already with this money.

We underestimate the power of our unconscious mind.

Have you ever repeated something to yourself that you knew was wrong enough times for you to doubt it was true? Every day, advertisers use our unconscious to make us believe that their product will be the best. So why don’t we use it ourselves. By repeating your objectives aloud at least twice a day, you build a neural network inside your brain that will allow you to believe that this is true (see my article on beliefs). Is it enough to repeat them aloud? Of course not 🙅♂.

You must do it with conviction, as if you already have the money, as if your life or that of someone you love depended on your conviction in your goals.

You remember that feeling when you were a child and played cowboys and Indians or even with a doll. You were convinced that all this was true. Get back into this feeling and read aloud your objectives. Engage your body, you can put movement with your hands (for example by putting your fist 👊en in the air as a sign of victory). In short, you can do whatever you think is interesting to make your goals obsessive for you.

And to go even further

And you can go further by buying Napoleon Hill’s book: “Think and grow rich” by clicking on the link below:

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