Creating a vision board can be a very fun and rewarding activity. Many of us, like children, like children, like to leaf through magazines, cut out beautiful images and stick them on what is called a Vision Board. For those who have never done so, I invite you to take this time for yourself and do it. I use two methods:

  • Either I leaf through magazines, look at the images and let my intuition work for the choice of images I will paste and their layout. It is a very interesting method to let our unconscious speak for itself. Then once this “work” of cutting and collage is done, I let it go for a few days and come back to it to see what comes out of it, what it evokes to me and to what extent it is related to my objectives.
  • Either I have a very clear idea of what I want, and I search for it in magazines, on the Internet (different royalty-free image sites) and I put in images the vision I have of my objectives. And if I can’t find any images, then I just draw. This method really allows me to image my objectives and allow my brain to materialize them.
    There is of course no right or wrong way. All the methods are good, and these are just the two approaches I use for myself.

All this is now very nice, and how to make these vision boards effective. How can we empower them?

Here are the 7 keys to make the magic of the Vision Board shine:

1- Put your Vision Board in View:

And yes. It is not about doing all this work and then folding or rolling it up and putting it in a corner of the office. No, of course not. It’s about having it in front of you every day. So if possible stick it on the wall, frame it, no matter what you do with it, it must be VISIBLE. It is essential;

2- Use the power of “Gratitude” on your Vision Board

We can never say it enough, the feeling of gratitude is a powerful tool. So when you look at your vision board feel inside you the feeling of gratitude. Imagine that you already have everything on the vision board. As if it was already done. As if you were already living this life. See what you see when you have everything on the vision board. Hear what you hear when you already have everything on the vision board. And finally feel what you feel when you have everything on the vision board;

3- Always remember that your Vision Board is: “this or something even better”:

We may be led to doubt. Especially when you don’t see the expected results coming. In these moments, remember that the universe/God/Nature or whatever you call it loves you and that this entity only wants the best for you. So if you haven’t yet reached your goals that are on your vision board, it’s just that something even better will happen.

4- It is not necessary to justify your Vision Board to others.

If you post your vision board in a visible place, you may be asked why you have this or that on your vision board. Feel free to ignore the question and change the subject. It’s YOUR vision board, it’s your life. It does not belong to anyone and you have no need to explain yourself. (Read Article on the power to say no).

5- Take a picture of your Vision Board:

The more you see it, the more it soaks into your unconscious. So take a picture of it and display it as much as you can. Wallpaper for your phone, wallpaper, etc. The more visible it will be, the more your unconscious will print it and make sure to get what is on your board.

6- Have faith in yourself and your Vision Board

It doesn’t matter what you believe in, whether it’s God, the universe, Nature. This is about having faith in the fact that it will happen. You have to believe deep down that this is going to happen. Remember, the more faith you have in your vision board, the more you will attract it.

7- Use Mantras/Incantations in connection with your Vision Board:

The power of incantations is immeasurable. Feel free to use it. Create sentences that you repeat regularly. Repeat these sentences in the morning when you wake up or in the shower. Here are some examples of mantras/incantations:

“O radiant future, come into my life, I am ready to receive you”;
“I attract lucrative opportunities to myself”;
“I get rich doing what I love”;
“Everything I eat and drink makes me lose weight and stay healthy.”
Of course these are just a few examples, and I am sure you will find sentences that suit you. Always remember to formulate them in a positive way and whatever you want. And not what you don’t want.

For example:

We avoid: “I am free of all debts” and we choose instead: “I am in financial abundance”.

 Now it’s your turn to make your Vision Board:

Here you have now the 7 keys to have an effective Vision board and I am sure that you will quickly get results. Share in the comments what are your methods for your vision board and what are the results you have achieved so far.

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