Time flies,
Yes, it has been a year already that i am in Australia.

I flew on the 11th of September. How could i forget about the date?

Left everything behind: family, friends and dog 🐶, to start a new life here in Australia 🇦🇺.

Did my plans go as expected? Of course not.

When I left Nouméa, I thought because I was confident and bold that life would be more comfortable for me here.

How wrong was I! 😱

Even if I had the skills, the knowledge, and the will; I was in a foreign country with a very different culture.

First 3 months were high, I was still in the momentum after UPW.
Met a lot of people, connect and shared many remarkable moments.

Then life has its own way to help you grow.

Then it has been hectic like never experienced in my life before. A few weeks ago, i was about to quit. I was exhausted, i felt like running on a treadmill without going anywhere. You know this feeling, right?

My plans did not go as i expected them to go:
❌ Living In Coffs Harbour, I end up living in Sydney
❌ Making my Farah (My puppy 🐶) come with me, she ended up staying with my mum
❌ Doing speaking about Stem Cells and benefits of Klamath, it is still work in progress

But, many other things went so Excellent, and i am so grateful:
💚 I Flew back many times to see my family,
💚 I Met awesome Friends
💚 I Travelled to Canberra, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, PortMacquarie, GoldCoast, Hike in the royal national park.

In a few words, I love my life, and I love what I am doing with my life now.

Is it easy? Of course not.

A few weeks ago, i was about to quit everything and flew back home.

I was stuck, not physically stuck:
I was stuck in my mind.
I was stuck in my old way.
I was stuck in my old ME in my OLD IDENTITY.

The biggest lesson of this year was not :
🧠 how much i can learn,
🔄 how many people i can connect with,
💸 how much money i can make.

My biggest lesson from this past year is


Who do I need to become to achieve what i want to make?

What kind of person can do that?

You can have the skills, the knowledge, the money, if you do not become another person, you won’t be able to do anything.

If that resonates with you, share your story with me, or simply Drop A GIF below.

With all my love ❣️, Gaël.

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