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Many of our compatriots choose to leave New Caledonia. Studying, looking for a job, wanting to go elsewhere, the reasons are many. But who are these Caledonians who are trying their luck elsewhere? This week, Gaël Trigalleau, life coach in Sydney.

© DR Calédoniens ailleurs : Gaël Trigalleau, au-delà de sa zone de confort

“When you step out of your comfort zone, magic happens.” 37 years old, Gaël made a crazy bet to change his life. A leap into the unknown, of course, but so fulfilling.

This will to move forward and this touch of audacity that makes the salt of any change in life are found in the Caledonian from an early age. “I have always had a resourcefulness and a willingness to work alongside people. Characteristics probably related to my family history. “With a baccalaureate in his pocket, Gaël knows several professional lives. He worked in the multimedia and IT field before joining the bank. When he starts this new career, it’s a cold shower. He doesn’t like the environment. However, he chose to continue, convinced by his family to “stay in his comfort zone”, but this windsurf enthusiast decided to get involved with his colleagues by joining the works council and then joining a union. “I wanted to bring well-being to work, to improve the quality of life. »

© DR Initié à la PNL par son ex-petite amie, Gaël s’est formé pour devenir life coach 

In 2015, he led a strike to demand a “decent” increase in the number of employees. A decisive episode that determines his life choices later on. In the midst of questioning, the young man discovered Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). A real trigger. “I discovered more than a technique, a way of thinking. For me, I was given the manual of the human brain. We could help people help themselves. “Gaël is trained to practice as a master practitioner in NLP. He will soon be organizing coaching sessions. Promoted to bank branch manager, a series of professional and personal incidents led him to burn-out and then depression. “I was very ill. On the verge of suicide. It was Anthony Robbins’ book “Le pouvoir illimité” that made me want to get out of it. “It follows on from a group personal development seminar “Date with destiny” held a few months later in Cairns. In May 2018, the Nouméen lived six intense days. A stay that opens up new perspectives for the future. Before his return to the Caillou, staying a few days in Sydney, the Caledonian made the decision to settle there. “That’s what I wanted to do when I was younger. I wanted to experience this adventure. »

© DR En Nouvelle-Calédonie, Gaël a coaché particuliers comme salariés mais aussi les participantes de Miss Boulouparis 

He resigned from the bank, resumed his coaching sessions, (re)learned English, set up his one-to-one program called “Be Bold !“. In September 2018, he moved to West Sydney, a young student entrepreneur. Equipped with a student visa, the Caledonian has chosen to return to school to obtain a diploma of community services (the equivalent of a social worker). “It’s a job where there are opportunities in Australia and it’s what I like to do.” The budding businessman also and above all devotes himself to his activity as a Life Coach. Participation in conferences, coaching sessions, interviews, social networks… Gaël gradually saw his audacity bear fruit and in March, he will lead his first seminars in English and already has several Australians among his clients. With projects in his head, the Caledonian enjoys his new life. “There is no age to change your life. The best time is now. And even if it’s difficult, I feel fulfilled. »

DR In Australia, the Caledonian is building on his network by participating in interviews and seminars. He received an Emmy Award for the “Self-confidence” award

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