International Speaker, Trainer and Coach

I help people to find their purpose in life and put actions to make their dreams come true. 

Personal Coaching

You want to bring balance in your life. Being bold to live your life 200%. Either you are employee or you have your own business, balanced is the key to fulfilment

I want you to SUCCEED !

Free your POTENTIAL. Say Hello to your NEW YOU !

Each one of us has a gift given by birth. 

Be AUDACIOUS and DARE to challenge yourself to meet this wonderful person who is hiding within !

Peak State / Focus

Winning strategies

Massives actions

Measurements and adjustments

Define your Goals

Know what you want, why you want and when you want !!!!

Winning Strategies

Create a plan for your life that will fulfil you and make you successful 

Massives actions

Take a massives actions, being committed 200% in your success. Let’s Burn the Boat

Measurements and adjustments

You will measure your results, enhance your progress and improve what is already working. 

What is Coaching ?

Who is coaching for ?

How much is the investment ? 

What is coaching

A coach is a person trained with certain tools to help your to break your limits and go further your own boundaries. A coach is not going to tell you what to do in your life. You are the only one who can choose what to do in your life. A coach will help you to get out of your comfort zone by asking you questions and bring new perspective on your behaviour and beliefs. 

Who is coaching for ?

Most of the time, the first thing people say to me : “In my case, my life is ok”, or “I do not have any problems, why should I need a coach ? “

For me, a life “OK” is not enough. We have been made for way more than a “OK Life”. We have been made for an OUTSTANDING life, an OUTRAGEOUS LIFE. When you think about all the things that have to happen to make us born. It is MAGICAL, and you desserve to live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Most of us have been taught to go to school, get a degree, find a job and then wait your retreat to enjoy life. Bull….it !!!!

Have you ever had a DREAM when you were young or even now, and you always say to your self : “Not the right time”, “I’ll wait next year”, “I do not have the money”, “it’s not going to work”…. ? Of course I am sure you have. And this is where a coach can help you. This is where a coach might help you to overpass your limiting beliefs.

How much is the investment ?

This question is asked me like a billion times. “How much is it ? “, “Does it worth it ? “, “Is it cheap ? “

We are talking of your own life. Not a bunch of silly stuff you are going to buy. We are talking here about your futur and your legacy. 

Let me ask you a question : How would you feel if you knew that everything you ever dreamt of, could be true ? How would you feel if you knew that you could support your family and all you love in way never achieve before ? How would you feel if you knew that you have the power to achieve so many things that you could inspire others ? 

I am pretty sure, you have answered by something like : “Great”, “outstanding”, “amazing” etc… 

And now, let me ask you one last question : “How does this feeling worth to you ? ” How would you pay to train yourself to feel that way every single day ? 

Who am I ?

Since as long as I can remember I have always been interested in helping people. My journey in life lead me to do so many things (salesman, Sales manager, Store manager, IT Technician, Bank Officer, General union president). And each time, I had always only one thing in mind : “How can I make people happy ? “. So as soon as my job do not help me to answer this question I jump to another job. Until I landed in a Bank for 10 years. I had almost everything I wanted, except fulfilment. I was not complete. And suddenly my life fall appart like a house of card. I almost committed suicide BUT I decide to step up, take my life in hand and grow a coaching business with all this experience. And now, I help people to bring balance in their life and make the most out of it. 


“discover a new way of approaching life and tools that are easy to implement, thank you”

“We have the power to change”

“The more beautiful life is”

My Gift to you : 


I love coaching because it is a trust relation. It is like having a genuine friend who is here without any judgements. I like coaching because a coach is here for YOU success, and YOUR fulfilment. I want us to grow a relation that is going to lead to your ultimate Success in life. 

As my gift to you (only the first 25 people to book) in one FREE Coaching Session, you’ll get:

✅ Removed Limiting Beliefs through a powerful exercise
✅3 Actions for you to take right now that will move you closer to your goals (I follow up on that)
✅A short term strategy plan and tools to transform your life
Don’t wait anymore to have the life you’ve always dreamt of !


Finding Balance. Define Goals. Take up challenge. Reward yourself.

Together, we are going to bring back balance in your life. I will give you tools to help you make the best out of your life. You are going to work on making more time, more fulfilment in every area of your life. I guaranteed. 

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