if I wanted to improve your quality of life and take your life to the next level? And do you want each of your days to allow you to do everything you want? I wonder what would happen if I gave you the tools to start your days with the maximum of your resources? Have you ever dreamed of getting up every morning connected to all your resources? To be able to have the energy to undertake everything you have always dreamed of undertaking… What you will do when you wake up is crucial to creating the state of mind you want to have during your day. So it is at the moment of your awakening that you will give the intention of your day, how do you want your day to be? Do you want to have a day that is rewarding and full of opportunities?

What if we do like the men and women who succeed in their lives?

Successful people set up rituals in the morning that they apply when they jump out of bed. Before they start their business, they start by taking care of themselves. Because they know that if they don’t take care of themselves, who will? They set up a ritual and follow it without even thinking about it. Every morning, without respite, it has become a habit of life. They do not proclaim or postpone their well-being. They have set up their rituals and follow them without question, so no matter how tired or unwilling they are, they do it.

Where to start?

Do you want to take charge of your well-being or do you want the chance to do it for you? What lifestyle habits do you want to have?… So if you also want to have an inspiring life full of opportunities here are some steps to an inspiring and refreshing awakening.

1- Get up 15 minutes earlier and ban the wake-up call;

It is time to live an OUTSTANDING life.

“The world belong to those who wake up early”

Getting up early allows you to take time for yourself. To remain serene in what you have planned to do for the day. It also saves you from running in the morning and generating unnecessary stress. By keeping control over your schedule, you keep control of your emotions.

2- Prenez une douche bien fraîche voire froide ;

Get out of your comfort zone

It makes you change your state. Taking a cool (or cold) shower will allow you to wake up your body and teach your brain to get out of your comfort zone. A few minutes under cool water is enough to teach your brain that this condition is only temporary. You learn that unpleasant things don’t last long

3- Breathe to connect to your body;

Breathing is life.

Breathing makes you serene and relaxed. So after the shower take time to breathe. Connect to your breathing, which is usually an automatism.  Sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Then put your arms in the air on either side of your head and pull towards you as you exhale and inspire towards you as you push towards the sky. Repeat this exercise 30 times. Then slowly blow out all the air remaining in your lungs and put both hands on your heart, resuming normal breathing. Finally, feel the beating of your heart for at least one minute. Finally: Feel yourself exist.

4- Be grateful;

Be grateful for being ALIVE.

Take the time to be grateful. Grateful for everything you have. You can ask yourself these few questions: What makes me happy in my life? What does it mean to me to know it? (Anything that makes you happy, being alive and breathing for example or anything else in your life that makes you happy) What am I proud of right now? What does this cause in me? Have a mantra that you repeat every morning in front of the mirror. Something that motivates you and gives you confidence. For example, every morning I repeat to myself: “O radiant future, come into my life, my heart opens to you, I am ready to receive you. ». “I, (your first name), hear, feel, see, and know that I am (motivating word: ex: love, kindness, wonderful,…)”. Repeat it every morning in front of your mirror. Say it to yourself as if you were telling a friend who needs support. Keep imagining that you had to convince a friend that he has all these abilities in him.

It’s up to you to play and create your own ritual to boost your days.

“Make your Life a masterpiece” (Tony Robbins)

Finally, I have provided you with some steps of my morning ritual that allows me to have the energy and state of mind to spend a day that suits me. So, by doing this every morning I take care of myself and allow myself to recharge my batteries before starting my day. So even if unwanted events happen to me during the day, I know that I can overcome them with all my abilities within me. And I deserve to have a great life. Make your life your masterpiece. And you? How do you apply these skills in your daily life? What is the first thing you will do to create a rejuvenating morning ritual that gives you the potato for the day? Share this article to allow others to take their lives to the next level.


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