Have you ever been told: “You could do better”, “You must improve” or some similar comments? 

Since a young age 👶 , I learned and maybe you as well to improve my weaknesses. 

I grew up at a time when we were being marked and based on our marks, the teacher 👩‍🏫 of the current year, compared students with each other. 

Most of the time, I was on average, getting comments like:

” Can do Better.”, “must improve” and so on. 

You know those comments that make you feel: “You are not enough”, even when you gave the best of yourself. 

How I use My Strengths as a Leverage in the Bank

During my Ten (10) years in a BNP Paribas, not a single time, this kind of situation happened. 

❓You may wonder why?  

For a compelling reason: I had got excellent managers. Managers have recognised my strengths and adapted each of my positions in the bank to fit those strengths. 

Instead of focusing on my weaknesses, they transformed my positions to make the best out of me. 

The results of focusing on my strengths are: 

  • 💰 During my first year; I got two raise within eight (8) months. 
  • 🧑🏻‍💻Within the second year, I got an award for creating a tool to follow-up on scriveners
  • 🏦The third-year I was chosen to be the chief negotiator for banks in New Caledonia
  • ↗️ And so on, I could continue, and that is not the point. 

💰💰 My managers betted on my strengths, and it paid off. 

🤔 Now, you may wonder, what is the point of this post? 

Right, let me come to it. 

This sells man focused on his strengths and this is what happened.

After those Ten 🔟 years in BNP Paribas, I have learnt something significant. Most of the time, if someone is not right in a position, we are going to train this person, find his/her weaknesses and improve it. You may have your KPI and your manager telling you that “you need to improve”, “you can do better” and so on. Does that sound familiar to you? Of course. 

❇️✅To win the game, instead of complaining about your job, find a way to use your strengths 💪, your superpowers 🦸‍♂️.  

❌ You may think: “That is nice Gaël, but it is not always possible”. 

You are right, and it is not always possible if you don’t know your strengths. 

Where are you good doing? 

I read a story about a salesman 🧑🏻‍💼. He was outstanding at selling 💰💰. 

On his own, he could bring 80% of the sales of the shop. 

That is pretty good.

❌ But part of his Job Description was to fill the contracts and do administrative stuff. He was not good at that stuff, and he did not like it, in consequence, he was not doing it well and take much time to do so. 

The manager, at this time, did not want to change the job description and sent the seller to some training for doing administrative stuff. 

💡 One day, the seller had an idea, he made a deal with the secretary of the company: she would get a percentage of his selling if she does his administrative stuff without telling the manager. 

They did that for a year, and during this year he has been able to triple his sells. The secretary was even more happy as she can take a percentage of it and the company made even more profit. 💵💵

📅 After a few months, the company decided to change the manager, and a new manager came. The seller told the new manager the deal he made with the secretary and how it has helped him increase the sells. 

The new manager immediately took the responsibility to change the job description and hire a new secretary. 

It was possible because, instead of focusing on the weaknesses of the seller, the new manager decided to focus on his strengths. 

Do you know your Strengths?

Either you know already what are your strengths, you know those things you are doing with ease, and it seems complicated for others. Or, you don’t know yet what are your unique skills, and you can do the test in the link below and share your results. 


Here are mines (see images below). 

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