Academy Of Entrepreneurs : My New Working Environnement.

Have you ever doubt and fear that you would not make it?

You might have launched a project, or you are trying to manage it all.
It can be overwhelming 😓, frustrating 😣 and discouraging 😩.

I hear your call, I can see how life can be challenging, and I feel your pain.

🌟 Today, i want you to believe in yourself and know that there is always an alternative.

It will be a year now since I am in Australia, and my life has been a roller coaster emotionally 🎢 so far.

So many times, I was about to give up and let go. 😭😭😭

The truth is that I was afraid, 🙀 and I have not taken a decision, the most crucial.

❌ I was afraid to let go of my old self
❌ I was worried not to be good enough
❌ I was scared to decide

I was so afraid to decide, and as i was not deciding, i was not putting the action. As Tony Robbins says :

👊🏻 if there is no action, means you haven’t taken any decision. Decision equal action

As you may know or not, as an entrepreneur, the quicker you make a decision, the faster you get results, the sharper you can adjust and do more what is working and stop doing what is not working.

For me, that was that kind of moment where you have to take a big decision, let go all your fear, and jump into the water. 💦

I decided to let go, traded my expectations for appreciation, I focus on the process, not the result, and my life changed in a snap. 👌🏻

The result of this decision is that yesterday, I met someone incredible, a person that has the most uplifting personality I have met.
👩🏻‍💼 Paula is a sharp, smart and very future-focused woman. She has created an Academy here in Australia 🇦🇺 and all around the world 🌍.

💪🏼 With her Academy, she is on a mission to create more entrepreneurs and give access to this knowledge to the part of the world where internet is not yet available.

🤔 How awesome is that? She is on her way to Empower The world !!!

Why am I sharing that with you today?

Because she asked me to be part of it. She asked me to create some speakings, workshops and coaching programs to empower, women and young women, entrepreneurs.

I am on a mission to help 100 women to get the emotional fitness to eliminate stress and anxiety and regain balance and self-confidence so they can thrive in business and life.

For me, it is a massive success for many reasons:

👉🏻 In January 2018, I was barely speaking in English.
👉🏻 Australia 🇦🇺 is not my country.
👉🏻 I did not know anyone here
👉🏻 I did not know where to start

I worked hard, focus on the process, believe in myself. Stick to my mission to be inspiring, enjoy love and believe in life for myself and others.

I am so blessed and so pumped and excited.

My message to you today is to: never ever give up.

😴 If you feel tired -> get some rest
👀 If you feel overwhelmed -> take a step back and come back to the fundamentals
✍🏻 If you feel scared -> jot down what you are afraid of exactly
🧠 If you think that you are not good enough -> ask yourself not enough compare to what? Who said that? What is the truth?

⛏ Remember the gold might be only a few shovels away. 💍


Bonus: Share a story where yourself or someone doubt and you overcome your doubt.

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